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14th-Apr-2008 12:16 am - o16.
I.. I like animals, I really do, but.. And, I mean, they're all equals and deserve equal treatment like anything else, so I guess I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but..

I saw five spiders in my room today. Is that a lot? It sort of seems like it to me, especially since there could be more hiding, I think.

We had bugs in my old house, and I know they can go anywhere they want and maybe they won't bother anyone, but I want them out. I feel bad saying it, but I do.. It bothers me that I don't know how many there are, and I can't always see them, or they could land on me while I'm sleeping and go in my mouth or ear or something, or they could bite someone. I just.. don't like it.

I don't want to kill them, I just want them out, so.. ...What if they're diseased or something? They could make us sick. Or what if I step on one and kill it accidentally and then I'll have bad luck.

..It's a stupid thing to worry about, isn't it? It just seems unsettling to me, I guess, like something from a weird movie, haha. Ahhh, I don't know..

I hope everyone else isn't having the same problem~
2nd-Mar-2008 05:49 pm - o14.
I'm the team leader for Group 6! So, J, Matt and Toll, you are with me! :D

I don't know how it was decided, but I promise I'll work really hard! Let's all do our best. :D I'll be sure to keep in touch and fulfil my leader duties and any of you are welcome to message or come visit me at any time. I'm here to help. :D

Ahhhh, why would I be picked? I'm happy I was, I guess, because it's kind of an honour, but.. I hope I can do this. I don't want to get distracted and let them down. I have to be focused!

I don't want to compete with X, either. But.. He's always professional about things like this, so I guess I'll try and be professional too. Huhh..

[ooc: If any of you need me, too, my AIM is pinksodamousse or my email is nickel.curry.animations@gmail.com, so feel free to hit me up whenevas :B]
13th-Feb-2008 09:49 pm - o13.
It seems like everyone isn't busy anymore! Or, you're all busy moving and relaxing instead, haha. Did everybody move rooms? I'm still in the same spot, so I'm happy. :D But I guess I didn't move in with X that long ago, so would be weird for me to move again so soon~ I'm also still trying to work hard, but I guess I shouldn't neglect this either, since it's kind of like homework, too, isn't it?

Oh, and, I'm 17 now! Or, I was a few days ago, but everyone was busy so I didn't say anything, haha. Plus, I got to spend it just with X! ♥ I don't really like big parties, unless they're for other people anyway, haha. It's more fun giving someone else a birthday party, I think. :D

I also got bleach~ I'm so happy~ :D No more dark hair!

Also, I think we should change when Valentine's Day is! It's so cold and depressing outside, so Valentine's Day should be in the spring when it's nice and warm and everything is blooming! That would make more sense.

Hmmm.. Or we could put Wammy's House in a dome so we could have it whatever season we wanted, haha. I bet we could if we wanted to~
1st-Jan-2008 03:05 pm - o12.
Happy New Year! It's pretty exciting to see what's going to happen this time, so I started making a little list of predication-type things. :D ..I guess it's a little useless, but maybe I'm psychic and never knew it, hahaha. Only one way to find out!

I also want to make some resolutions this time, even though I'm pretty bad at keeping them.. But maybe if I say that I'll just work harder, then that's something I think I could do. Hmm..

Okay! So my resolution is to work harder! I can keep that!

I don't know what your resolutions are, but.. I made you a little present to help! It's nothing big or anything, haha, but it's supposed to help, I think, so I hope you like it.. I put it under your pillow. ♥

Love, love. :D

[ooc: K made him this string of 10 bright coloured beads so X can have bright colours everywhere. since he can't paint their room, he figured this was the next best thing, haha.]
11th-Dec-2007 10:14 pm - o11.
I didn't sleep very much last night, haha. Alert got me the best present for Christmas, so I was up all night reading about mythology~ It was so much fun, so even though I'm tired, I don't regret it! :D And I'm happy I got to spend time with you, too, of course! ♥

Thank you, thank you again! Now if you ever need an expert on Norse mythology, I'm here! :D

Ahhh, J, I'm sorry! I got back to my room after visiting Alert and I meant to go visit you, but I ended up reading all night.. Do you want to come over tonight instead? I don't think X would mind! :D
9th-Dec-2007 04:46 pm - o10.
[PRIVATE//HACKABLE WITH EFFORT][ooc: k tried his best to make it unhackable, but he's not very good at it.. haha]
I think I'm missing out on something, but I don't know what.

It seems so dreary outside and winter's coming and I hate winter. I don't understand why everything has to be dead for half the year. It's so stupid.

And if it's not going to snow, I think winter shouldn't even bother showing up. At least if everything was white, it'd be okay.

Ugh, I have to bleach my hair, but I don't want to go outside in this. Blonde people are so lucky. I bet this is why I feel so off today.

Okay, everyone! You all seem to have gotten back into these negative moods. And I think that it might be hard to get out of things like that if you just let it consume you. Or if you don't even notice that it has. It can creep up on you, I think.

So I'm letting you all know! So fight the negative feelings and be happy again, okay? No excuses! Uhmm.. Yes!
6th-Dec-2007 12:36 am - oo9.
X thinks I'm doing homework, haha~ ..Ahhhh, I'm sorry, I'll start once I post this. :D Plus, posting here is like homework too, right?

I wanted to do that surveyCollapse )

That took longer than I thought it would.. Haha.

[Private to X//Unhackable]
28th-Nov-2007 08:24 pm - oo8.
I've been thinking about it and I've decided that I'm going to stay optimistic anyway. I don't think I'm being naive or anything, so.. Ahh, I just like it better this way. That's that.

Also, today is a good day because I found Watership Down in the library! I don't know how I didn't come across it before, but it's good luck that I eventually did, haha. It was my favourite book growing up, so I'm excited to read it again! :D

I wish I could come up with some good riddles like everyone else is, but.. I guess I'll have to think of something else I can contribute, haha.

Yellow? :D Yellow yellow? Yellow.
25th-Nov-2007 05:28 pm - oo7.
Seeing as it's Sunday and, according to C, Sunday is for bright colours, I think Sunday should also be Paint Your Room Yellow day. I want to, but I should wait to ask X first. I don't know where he went off to. Hmmmmm.

I think all the rooms should be bright colours by default. It would make everyone so much happier! No one can be happy when their room is full of dull and dark colours. Well, at least the rooms are white and not grey or black or something, but a happy colour would be better. Especially now that winter is coming and everything gets dark and cloudy and depressing outside.

I can't wait until it snows and makes everything white! That's the only thing that can save winter.

That reminds me! I have to remember to buy more bleach soon. I should have gotten it when we went into town, but I forgot.. Ahhhh..
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