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Keiran Kings

Alias: Keiran Kings / K
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual | Boyfriend: flu_x
Habit/Neurosis: He has a mild delusional disorder, which causes him to have a loose grip on reality. This usually means he won't always be able to distinguish fiction and reality to the point where he can view a person as being a figment of his imagination. However, he only ever actually hallucinated once as a child, so the odds of a person actually being made up by his mind are very unlikely. These delusions don't stop him from being able to do his work, but it can be a problem. He also hates dark colours and darkness in general. Most of the time, he's alright at night at this point in life, but if the urge grabs him, he has to sleep with the lights on. He feels also that dark colours can control an individual's feelings for the negative, so he won't wear dark colours or be in a room painted that way.
Keiran is, generally, in his own head and spacey. In fact, if you met him outside of the Wammy house, you probably wouldn't expect that he was smart at all or that he had ADD. He does think a lot and analyze things that interest him, but he's also able to very easily let things go from his mind by categorizing them as being not real. For example, if he were to have a fight with you, while he was remembering this argument later on, he could think that it was something he had made up or read about and would therefore feel no guilt about the fight. In contrast, he is also able to obsess over things or people who are not real. In particular, he is very fascinated by mythology and folklore and thinks that he has met some of the characters he reads about in person. He is also fascinated by people in general and is very sociable, but easily discouraged if he feels the person doesn't like him. In that case, he contents himself with watching from a distance or imagining scenarios where they had gotten along.
=> Hair: Naturally dark brown, but he bleaches it blonde because of his dislike for dark colours
=> Eye Color: Grey/Green.
=> Height: 5'7"
=> Weight: 125lbs
=> Dress: Casual and comfortable, but not sloppy. Most of the time he'll wear light blue jeans and a white button-up shirt.
=> Other: Piercings
=> PB: Shin from Nana
Born on February 6 of 1984 in Leixlip, Ireland, he was raised by a lower class Roman Catholic family. His father taught english at a local school while his mother stayed at home. With little money for extra expenses such as toys and electronics, Keiran spent much of his time either in the church or library reading.

One day when he was 14, Keiran came home to find his house ransacked with both his parents shot dead. A police officer that came to the scene took him into his home as a temporary solution. During this time, Keiran showed little signs of mourning, which worried the police officer. Keiran didn't see the problem with this and continued to live as he had before with his books. A little over a year later, he was sent to the Wammy House.
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